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Fabric Masks Offer Threads of Hope

Connecting the needs of the healthcare community with the talents of those who sew.

With the shortage of protective masks facing the entire world, fabric masks are a CDC crisis response last resort option. This website connects healthcare organizations who are versed in the potential use of fabric masks in their environment with volunteer sewists who are sewing masks using their own machine and supplies. Our goal is to provide a resource to the medical community, as well as answer the desire from sewists willing to use their skills. In a time of fear and uncertainty, the desire to help is the thread of hope that holds us together. This project was developed independently by the Sewing & Craft Alliance, presenters of the September is National Sewing Month campaign.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens

What to do

ORGANIZATIONS: Health or care-related organizations or companies (in any capacity) can register here. Your information will be added to a public list of needs.

SEWISTS: Please see our mask instructions and check in routinely on the Locations list as it’s updated to see who needs masks and which type of mask they need. Please follow any instructions they may have and answer the needs as quickly as possible. You are appreciated!

The Sewing & Craft Alliance, creators of, has partnered with AccuQuilt to offer a fabric cutting solution that is 90% faster for making surgical-style masks using the AccuQuilt system. They also have a custom cutting die for Olson masks available by calling the AccuQuilt Custom division at 1-888-525-2071.


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